First Pressing / by Graham Dew

It’s rather strange writing a first post as I’m sure nobody will read this when it is first published. Hopefully it will be read if the blog picks up a readership, so I feel I really should lay down some explanation of what I do and why I’m writing a blog.

Firstly, it’s a means to spur me onto a regular output of pictures and writing, and a simple way of putting up pictures that I can access from wherever I am.  Secondly it’s a way of sharing my work with the wider world and explaining the reasoning and methods behind the picture. And thirdly, well, who knows where it will lead?

My interests in photography have changed over the years, but I guess my over-riding concerns these days are about looking and perceiving, and the visual and emotional response that results. From this I find that there are three basic approaches to picture taking that are rich seams to mine. The first is the close up detail; the near-field picture that emphasises one small item against its environment. The second is the focussed stare, in which the object stands clear from its surroundings, which in turn will be unfocussed. And the third is the fractured, multiple image, that is made up of many smaller glimpses, that is as much to do with memory as it is to do with vision. 

That’s enough words for now, I’ll explain more later. Here’s a picture to be getting on with…