Fuzzy Warbles / by Graham Dew

 My small (very small) collection of lenses deliver wonderfully sharp images. Detail that is so sharp that it can almost seem sharper than the eye. Oftentimes I will make a picture with sharp close-up focus against a soft diffused background, to concentrate the eye and paint the surroundings in large brushstrokes. And sometimes, I’m quite happy to make pictures that are completely out-of-focus, either by accident or by design. 

Images like this can be very dreamy in nature, whether they are created by lens defocussing or from pinhole cameras. For me, this has to be done in camera; the results look fake and artificial if done in Photoshop.

Messing about with camera can give some interesting results. I don’t care if it’s not meant to be done; it just gives me the fuzzy warbles…