Mousehole Geometry / by Graham Dew

Mousehole Geometry – Stripe © Graham Dew
Mousehole Geometry - Stripe

A couple of months ago we had a short holiday in Cornwall; I’ve already posted some images from Sennen beach that I took during that visit. The weather during our break was not much different to that which we have now; squally and quite grey. It was on such a day tour that we visited the pretty little fishing village of Mousehole. 

Mousehole Geometry – Angles © Graham Dew
Mousehole Geometry - Angles

Our previous exposure to Mousehole came from reading the charming Mousehole Cat story to our children when they were younger; of how a brave fisherman braved weeks of storms to bring in a catch in for the hungry villagers whilst his loyal cat imagines fighting with the storm cat that threatens his master.

Mousehole Geometry – Square © Graham Dew
Mousehole Geometry - Square

Mousehole was every bit as attractive as we had been told, and we spent several happy hours pottering around the village and its port. However, with mainly grey skies overhead the best pictures I got on this visit were a series of geometrical abstracts, all taken within a few hundred yards of each other around the sea defences.

Mousehole Geometry – Ring © Graham Dew
Mousehole Geometry - Ring