Mottisfont in Monochrome / by Graham Dew

Pip’s Hair © Graham Dew 2012
Pip’s Hair 

This weekend we took advantage of the fine weather and a full retinue of family members to visit the rather wonderful grounds of Mottisfont Abbey, situated on the river Test. Now owned by the National Trust, the gardens are particularly attractive at this time of year, and the walled rose gardens are full of beautiful blooms, and full too of visitors. A good proportion of these too were sporting serious camera gear.

Geometric Hedge  © Graham Dew 2012
Geometric Hedge

Although I like visiting places like Mottisfont, I find it quite hard to take pictures that excite or interest me. It is just too easy to make another cliché, and the world scarcely needs more ordinary flower pictures. I surprised even myself when I loaded the weekend’s pictures into Lightroom last night. There were a lot of pictures of the family, a few statues found in the garden, but not a single photo of a rose. And despite the abundance of colour in the gardens, the two most satisfying pictures ended up working better in monochrome.