Summer Low Revisited / by Graham Dew

I don’t want to go on about the weather, really. But the weather this summer, well really…

When you live in Britain, you have just got to get used to having weather, changeable and frequent. We don’t have seasons long climate, the weather is not predictable and that generally makes for a green and pleasant land. I would much rather have the variations in the weather rather than long periods of sameness. But this summer is just too much; too much rain, too much grey skies; too much for most people. The summer solstice slipped past unnoticed three weeks ago. Instead of going out enjoying balmy evenings on walks or bike rides, most of us have been hunkered down inside our houses behaving as though it was winter. People in the office look white, many are working overtime because there is not much to do in the evening. Everyone looks in need of a break.

The last summer to be this consistently wet, grey and dismal was that of 2007. During those damp dark months I made a small series of images that I exhibited under the project name of Summer Low. All of the pictures taken at that time were made using a Nikon DSLR, often with a small amount of fill-in flash, to provide a small spark of illumination to an otherwise drab scene.  I need to brush up this technique with my G3, it might be my only chance to take pictures over the next few weeks. I have had precious little opportunity to get out and produce new work this summer, which is another reason to feel frustrated by the weather.