Twyford Allotments / by Graham Dew

Twyford Allotments – Grass & Wheelbarrow, 2012 © Graham Dew
Twyford Allotments – Grass & Wheelbarrow

Twyford is not the prettiest village in Hampshire. With a fairly busy A road running through its heart and the rumble of the M3 motorway within earshot, it’s never as peaceful as one might hope. Despite this, it is a good hub for many in our family. My son plays cricket for the village team, my daughter has friends in the village and my wife often start or finishes cross-country runs from the rather nice Bean Below café. It was for this reason that I was there yesterday morning, with camera bag in hand, so that after the drop off I could pop over to the village’s allotments. 

Twyford Allotments – Leaky Tap, 2012 © Graham Dew
Twyford Allotments – Leaky Tap, 2012

Sitting on the edge of the cricket pitch, I had often thought that I should return one morning to photograph this small plot of horticulture. I had planned yesterday that I would photograph the elements for a large joiner of the allotments, but when there I realised that I would not be able to adequately capture the depth of the area, so instead concentrated on small details. I still feel that there is an opportunity to create a joiner here, but I have yet to come up with a approach that does not require me to balance precariously on a step ladder.

Twyford Allotments – Twigs, 2012 © Graham Dew
Twyford Allotments – Twigs