Keeping it Simple / by Graham Dew

I have been photographing our allotment for three years now and it remains one of the most interesting and rewarding places to make images. There are endless subjects that act as metaphors for the cycle of life, human ingenuity and the dominance of time and nature. To make the project consistent I have kept the technical aspects of the work simple. The images are all square, and all pictures shot on the 20mm lens for normal vision, or occasionally on the 45mm for a more focussed view.

I’m prepared to try all sorts of different techniques in-camera and during editing but it is hard to beat the clarity that you can get with a normal lens when you have good light and the composition comes together. So it was on Sunday, when I had some time to make a few more pictures for the project. Despite the tiny size of the LCD monitors on our cameras, it is amazing how the image on it will suddenly ‘pop’ when the composition and lighting are right. It is such a satisfying feeling; you know that you have a ‘keeper’ that will find its way into a portfolio or collection.